Susan Richman



    Born in Washington, Pennsylvania, Richman now lives in Hastings on Hudson, a suburb of NYC. Her love affair with photography began her freshman year of college when she was forced to pick between art or math as a course elective. To the dismay of her parents who were hoping she would become a lawyer, she majored in Fine Arts with a focus on photography and upon graduation she began a successful career as a commercial photographer in Manhattan.

    After years of photographing other people's visions, she has evolved into an artist and educator. Prior to Covid, she was a teacher at The International Center for Photography in NYC and is currently a member of the Upstream Gallery in NY.

    Richman’s interests lay in observing what others overlook. Her photographs explore the link between existence, decay and loss, and blur the lines between painting and photography. For the past decade, she has primarily focused on photographing images that explore the damage to our environment by creating images that memorialize the fleeting nature of our world. Through art and teaching her hope is to inspire people to look beneath the surface and to see something not seen before and to inspire change.


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